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Crazy Rich Asians’ Review: When a Romantic Comedy Asian-Centered Story Finally Conquers Hollywood

One of the most talking movies recently is Crazy Rich Asians. This movie has just broken the old talk that a romantic comedy Asian-centered story could not attract much attention in Hollywood. Well, the Crazy Rich Asians just prove otherwise.

The Same Tropes of Rom-Coms but Fresher

If you take a short glimpse of the movie, you will soon find out that it is just like Cinderella story in a modern version. Well, that is not completely wrong, or true. However, the movie is just a combination of hints of several lineages at once such as the Ever After, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and also Pretty in Pink where the self-assured heroine always find their own places in the world and find true love. Though the movie is just the other Hollywood romantic comedies, it offers something fresher too. The Crazy Rich Asians are such a foreign territory both figuratively and literally for the Hollywood community. Considering that there is a lot of pressure for the movie since it is the first Hollywood contemporary English-language movie in which almost all of the casts are Asian. In addition, most of the romantic comedy movies have been sidelined over a decade since they are seen less prestige and artistic if compared to movies with big-budget.

Fortunately, the director, Jon M. Chu, succeed to get rid away the pressure and make it above people’s expectations. The director could attract attention from Hollywood community with the funny, fun, and swoon-worthy story. Not only that, the glamorous locations, terrific casts, as well as the witty jokes found in the movie make it a big hit in the movie industry.

What Is the Movie About?

Crazy Rich Asians are centered at Rachel Chu (Constance Wu), and Chinese-American economic professor in NYU accompanies his handsome boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding) to Singapore to attend his friend’s wedding. The plot starts when they reached Singapore and Rachel found that her boyfriend comes from a fabulously wealthy family, not only in the country but also in Asia. The deeper Rachel goes into Nick’s family social circle, the wealthier her boyfriend is. Though Nick and Rachel haven’t had a plan to marry, it has been clear for everyone in his circle that the proposal is on the way and they do not like it, especially his mother. This is how all of the funny things begin. Beside Constance Wu and Henry Golding, Asian big names that become the cast in the movie include Michelle Yeoh (Eleanor Young), Gemma Chan (Astrid), Ronny Chieng (Eddie), Remy Hii (Alistair), Lisa Lu, Pierre Png, and more.

Fresher Self-Assured Character

Unlike the other heroines found in the other similar genres which are often pictured as a hot mess in a one way or another, Crazy Rich Asians offer something different. Rachel Chu, as the movie heroine, both her professional and personal life are just fine. She is a stable character, confident, kind, competent, respectful, and even develops a healthy relationship with her handsome and rich boyfriend. Rachel also has a warm and loving family to make her life looks more perfect.

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